About e-Pulse Art® INC


e-Pulse Art® INC

 e-Pulse Art® INC are working from last several years with many clients and offers an array of services such as digitizing, vectorizing images, logo designing, garments, and custom-made patches and web designing. Excellence is at the heart of the services we provide in the quest to satisfying our customer needs.

e-Pulse Art® INC possesses a very dynamic and versatile team that is on hand to respond to any changing demands of the customers. This also includes our after-sales follow-up services which exhibit that we are always ready to assist our customers. The most reverberating part is that we don’t take extra charges for the rush jobs.


The Responsible Work

We are responsible for all of work done by us, even after the delivery we are here to revise your designs.

Services we provided to our clients: Vector Art, Digitizing, Embroidery Patch designing, Logo designing, Proof designing and other IT related services.


Fastest Turnaround Time

Our experts can provide you the best quality work with the fastest turnaround time, we can also work on rush orders if you need.


Best Customer Support

Our representatives are 24/5 here to listen and solve your issues.

On email: We will response our client 24/7, 365.


Our Goals

Be recognized by our customers as their first choice when it comes to designing and customizing designs. Keep customers satisfied to secure a long-term relationship. Provide the best quality, on time delivery and cost-effective service.


Our Values

We are committed to winning with integrity. We aspire to flawless execution and don’t take shortcuts on quality. We seek the best talent and promote its development. We thrive on creativity and ingenuity. We anticipate market trends and move quickly to embrace them. 


Customer Satisfaction

We respect our customers above all else and never forget that they come to us by choice. We share a personal responsibility to maintain our customers’ loyalty and trust. We listen and respond to our customers and seek to exceed their expectations. 


What We Do ?

e-Pulse Art® INC provides professional embroidery digitizing service with a cost-effective solution. If you are new to embroidery digitizing, it is the process of taking a logo, pattern, other creative artwork, even photo, and converting it into a digital file in certain format/language that the embroidery machine can execute and stitch it out. 


Services We Offer

 e-Pulse Art® INC offered serveral services to there clients. Visit us on services page to checkout the list of services order.